Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living through your best friend is sometimes necessary

From now on I'm going to put my journal writings in italics rather than put them in quotations.

Oct. 25 2001
Dear Journal, yesterday was good. Chris left for Australia yesterday
Tee hee! It sounds mean, but it's actually nice. I go on to say that since he was at the airport leaving for the mission he was able to call us. So it was a good day because Chris called. Aww, how nice of me!

Dec. 2, 2001
My best friend Laurie was a flirt. She always flirted with my crushes too. Then they liked her and hung around her, and since she made me go everywhere and do everything with her, (third wheel or not) I got to spend time with my crushes and watch as they made moon eyes at my best friend.
Then she mentioned inviting Craig. (Remember? He is the cute RM from the last entry.) I didn’t want that because he’s either 21 or 22, and I’m only 17…
Boy that was weird sitting there playing cards in Lauries bacement with a cute RM that would have probably evolved into a crush from me. It was probably weirder for him to play with two teenage girls he hardly knew. Laurie sometimes doesn’t think of that stuff. But he’s pretty nice. Kind of shy. Still cute. Old.
Boy did I have a confusing, poorly structured sentence in there. But I think I got the gist across. For the record, this did develop into a pretty big crush. Also for the record, Laurie led on this poor guy, Craig, until someone else came along.

Dec. 15, 2001
Back story. Laurie and I were at Wal-Mart and we ran into a male acquaintance of hers. He walked us to the car and he and Laurie stood outside and flirted and teased, (and I think had their first kiss) for at LEAST a half hour, while I sat in the car, waiting.
During this time, a car parked next to Lauries with 2 or 3 guys. One looked at me a couple of times, then they came back with their things (one was a 24 pack of beer. Stupid.) and the one looked and smiled at me, and when they were pulling away, he waved. So of coarse I returned the wave and smiled. Also, a cute guy getting carts in the parking lot smiled at me a couple of times. ☺That was cool.
Ah, tender mercies. :)

Dec. 30, 2001
From the minute we walked in Laurie was flirting with the waiter. He’s Mexican, and kind of cute. But he looks kind of old. Anyway, when we finished he said, “some guy named Javier bought your meal for you.” That is what his name tag said, so I new it was him. But Laurie forgot about the “J” making an “H” sound, and didn’t realize. She said, “does he think that we’re just so cute, is that why he paid for it?” or something . And he said, “Only the one in purple.” That would be Laurie. So it happened again. He ended up getting her phone #. Then he said to me on the way out “I didn’t mean to be rude when I said only the girl in purple.” At least this one apologized. I wish I were pretty.


HappyClimate said...

What the freak!? You are so cute!, I don't know what all these boys were thinking? Was your friend a hoochie or something, no offense but she kinda sounded like it. :)

Melanie said...

Yeah, she kinda was. :)