Sunday, November 23, 2008

Journal Time!

Stephanie, you should be thanking me right now for the major editing I've done. I was tempted to put a lot more in, but since it isn't about me, (not necessarily all about you either) I will exercise discretion. But let me just say I used very descriptive language. Oh the adjectives and exclamation marks! I won't even add the back story.
January 2, 2002
But the next words that came out of her mouth were like a blow that shattered any of my hopes that I had a sane sister.

Still, I would have rathered to be left alone and unassociated with their group.

He’s a gross, disgusting, vile creature.

January 11, 2002
The other day Dad tried to teach me to drive a stick shift. It was scary. We only went around the block three times. . . Jason was in the pick up bed the first time around. He got a little banged up. I don’t like stick shift.

It is an unfortunate truth that I have been to the Boise cruise on numerous occasions with Laurie. She always drove, which was frightening. Though we did adhere to my mom's rules of never getting out of the car or getting into anyone elses car.
Last week I went to the Cruise with Laurie. That was one of the funner times that I’ve been. Even though it wasn’t too crowded, the guys were cute and they didn’t all say, “You’re friend is hot.” “I like your friend.” This time only one person flipped us off. Laurie’s not the best driver. She doesn’t see well at night and cuts people off a lot. Scary.


Anonymous said...

Is this something I don't know about? I can't imagine what you are talking about. You have piqued my curiosity though.


Melanie said...

Indeed, 'tis something you don't know about.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

I was gonna say.....your mother said OK to the cruise????!?!

No way

Melanie said...

Oh, yeah, she DID say OK to the cruise. But with stringent rules. And I followed them. And I didn't really like going to the Cruise and often tried to make excuses to NOT go with Laurie.

HappyClimate said...

I have to say I really like your journal entries, they are so funny, I look forward to reading them.

Stephanie said...

Shon! Oh silly me.