Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dum, dum dum dum!

Well, we have ourselves a new president. He gave a pretty speech last night. I watched him speak and had to think "I like him!" Because he's a likable person and a great public speaker and has some serious charisma. And I would find myself getting a little caught up in the excitement. Then I would remember who he was and what he stood for. Then I would frown. :(
Our president elect would direct his remarks to those who didn't vote for him and would say, "I will be your president too!" And I would be like, "Oh, he cares about even me!" Then I would re-evaluate and think, "That kind of sounded like a threat." Then the prez would say go on and on about us all being Americans, black, white, male, female, gay, straight, all together now. All are equals! Yay, united we stand. But then I was like, "It's almost as if he's trying to take away all individuality. Everyone is the same, no one is different. Kind of like communism." There have been lots of good public speakers in the past, who rallied support from their country-men and turned out to be pretty rotten people. (I don't necessarily think he's a bad person, or even purposefully out to ruin the country, but he is wrong in his policies.)
I very much disagree with bigger government. I imagine that soon we will be hearing, "they are taking how much in taxes?" "The government is sticking its hands where now?"
Our liberties will be taken. Our money will be taken. And this is what we asked for. The government, especially the federal government, shouldn't regulate where people put their money. If it's illegal for me to go to one rich neighbor and take a large portion of money and give it to a poorer neighbor, it should also be illegal for the government to do.
Free health care will only be free to people who won't work. Taxes will make up for it for all the working class. Where are the rewards for hard work and ambition?? If everyone is going to be reaping the benefits from that, there won't be any more hard work or ambition. We're losing the right to better ourselves in society.
There is a reason that health care in the united states is so good. Without the free market, there is not that competition, and we get mediocre doctors.
Well, I know this is a jumbled mess of thoughts, so I'm sorry it must be hard to decipher. And I realize that there may be a couple readers who disagree with me, though I do not apologize. These are my opinions and beliefs and I'm not sorry for them.


Bobbi said...

I agree 110%! You have put into words exactly what I've been feeling all morning. We watched it all go down last night and bits and peices this morning on tv and online and I've finally just turned off the tv and shut down the political websites. It's all making me worried and stressed.

All we can do now is work to be prepared as we have been taught and to pray for our country.

Christopher said...

Well said Melanie. Your insights give you great credit, and you are more in tune with basic freedom principles and capitalism principles than most.

It appears we are now come to a point in America that we can not turn around. "The point of no return". The people have naively, ignorantly and most ridiculously spoken. Alas we had two choices that were in the end the same. And until we the people understand the evils and dialectics of the two-party system we will be doomed of this same fate.

kura2025 said...

Seriously!! He is a very good speaker and that is what people are getting caught up in.

angela said...

well, put

SouthfieldFam said...

I agree! I had to shut the TV off, Oprah and Jessie Jackson crying like they were at the feet of the Messiah pushed me over the edge! It will beinteresting to see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the only who are naive, ignorant and ridiculous are those who would assign another person those qualities based merely on their choosing to vote for a different candidate. Sounds like sour grapes...

Christopher said...

With all due respect anonymous, it is not about the person, the candidate, in this case Obama. It is about what he stands for, what his visions of what is best for you and me are.

If you and I disagree on basic principles of freedom and liberty and that they must be protected in order for this nation to continue to thrive then we can have no further discusion with anyone of us getting anywhere.

If you do have principles of liberty ingrained in you then you must agree that Obama is not good for freedom, he is not good for this country. If you cannot see this it must be blamed on ignorance and naivety. Not a slam against you personally, but this man is not good for a liberty loving people.

Sara said...

It's definitely going to an interesting next four years. I have lots of concerns but I'm willing to support him when I can. Hope we're not all crying in the end.