Saturday, January 31, 2009

The new do

There is a cute little child hair cutting place in American Fork called Cookie Cutter. Morgan was in great need of a haircut, and since I have failed at my attempts as barber, we took him there. You walk in and it's this colorful child wonderland. There is a slide and play stuff for the kids waiting. But the coolest part is how you get to get your hair cut. There are lots of different "chairs" to choose from. Cars and motorcycles and airplanes. Morgan piloted while his hair was snipped.

Also cool, is each station has a t.v. There is a nice array of child movies to choose from and you watch and drive and hardly know you are getting a haircut. Morgan watched Blues Clues. Note the firetruck in the back. That is the shampooing station.
Afterward, they give you a balloon and a sucker. Ah yes, we think we will be returning for future adventures. Maybe next time Morgan can drive the go-cart while watching Finding Nemo.
I love his new haircut. It looks much better.


Anonymous said...

What! Are those spikes?
He is a cutie.

Grandma Martin

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Afterwards did he look in the mirror and express an opinion?

I wondered if he noticed how contemporary he looks. All the little boys (whose moms own gel) are wearing spikes. Mr. With It

Stephanie said...

He doesn't look happy with it.

Nancy said...

jaron wore his hair spiked up today at church and everyone loved it. So funny.

That place looks so cool. Jaron gets scared because I take him to get his hair cut where the soldiers get their hair cut. For a kid who is extremely attached to his hair, seeing these Army guys having their heads shaved makes him cry. He'd love a place like where you took Morgan. Lucky.

Tiffany Vincent said...

He looks totally cute! I need to go there for Mark.

Smullin Family said...

I love the new do! Such spikey cuteness.