Sunday, February 1, 2009

The good ol' days

More journals. For those of you just joining us, I copy some of my more humorous journal entries here from when I was a teenager. However, this entry was written on my 18th birthday. Is it getting too old to be funny? It's not quite 7 years ago. Too close to my current age? Should I stop doing the entries?

May 23, 2002
After the meeting I talked to a guy. Wow. I meet once a month for a graduation mtg with homeschooling seniors in the area. There is a guy there that looked familiar. The first couple of times I was like, “he looks and sounds a lot like the ski instructor Joseph.” It was driving me crazy. Then last time when we introduced ourselves he said his name was Joe! So afterwards I went up and greeted him, then asked this bizarre question. “Do you ski?” “No, never have in my life.” It actually came as a shock. I almost convinced myself it was the same guy. So then I explained to him why I asked the question and we talked about skiing and his uncanny resemblance. Way cool. He’s a nice guy. And he has to be cute if I thought he was Joseph. When I was leaving he said, “I’ll see you on Saturday.” (the graduation) But he said it like he would really see me. Maybe look forward to it.

Here I am at Seminary graduation. Names have been changed for the protection of all.

I went over to James and told him congratulations. (I even slugged him on the arm, totally unintentionally. Quite embarrassing actually.) Then he said something like, “Well hey, how about a hug?” Then he hugged me! You’re probably thinking “big deal, it’s just a hug.” Nope. Not “just a hug.” This could signify the birth of a new stage in life. The stage with boys. Next I will hold some ones hand, then maybe get kissed, and how knows, maybe even married. Of course, this is James. He hugs everybody. But so! He hugged me! I was important enough to be hugged. We talked a little but my family was two feet away and laughing and staring, so I cut the conversation short.

Ugh! Family! Seriously. Sometimes showing support involves NOT being physically near and gawking. I do remember the embarrassment of that moment.


Megan said...

No! Don't stop! I enjoy ALL your entries. You make me feel like I was not the only one thinking those things when I was that age. Only you verbalized them a whole lot better than I did.

Treasa said...

You definitely shouldn't stop yet! I too enjoy your entries. They're hysterical!