Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morgans first EVER cupcake

Yesterday I gave Morgan a cupcake. He has never in his 2 years of life eaten a cupcake. Now, before you go thinking that we neglect or deprive, let me tell you that he has been offered a cupcake before but has had zero interest. Morgan has only very recently started liking sweet things, like cookies and cakes. (He's always liked candy though). So when I gave him the cupcake yesterday and he devoured it, I was surprised.

So, I got him in his chair and took the paper wrapping off the cake and handed it to Morgan. He almost immediately dropped, it frosting side down, on the table. So he worked on eating the cake part.But then he decided he was missing out on the frosting part, so he went about the surprisingly difficult task of turning it right side up. Frosting is sticky, and it was quite glued to the table!
Morgan has a thing about getting his hands dirty or sticky. He doesn't like it. So, even though they were already covered in sugary sweetness, Morgan tried to protect his hands by not using them at all. Apparently he has no qualms with a dirty face.
When most of it was gone, he decided it would be easiest to pick it up. Then he crammed it into his mouth.
And we are left with a sticky boy and a pile of crumbs. Oh, and a big frosting mess. Morgan didn't know what to do with his hands, and didn't fight at all when I cleaned them off.

Ah, the happiness of sweets. I'm happy to see a little bit of me in him finally. :) Now he asks for cupcakes all the time.
After dinner Aaron gave Morgan another cupcake. He demolished it in record time and didn't even need to be cleaned up afterward! He managed not to get any frosting on his fingers or face somehow. I can barely eat a cupcake like that.


SouthfieldFam said...

I LOVE his haircut! He looks like a little man! So sweet and handsome! Now I am totally craving cupcakes! Thanks alot!

HappyClimate said...

Those pictures are so cute. He is such a good little boy, wants to be clean, has liked sweets too much until now. You lucky mom.

Nancy said...

Jaron & I made cupcakes the other day and he had a blast counting the wrapper things and putting them in the muffin tins. He enjoyed eating them too, but it looks like Morgan did a much better job of devouring than Jaron did.