Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 Things


6 Things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1) Morgan. When he's being good. Especially when he hugs and cuddles with me.

2) Yummy food. It's probably very detrimental to my waist line, but junk food makes me happy. The less nutritious the better.

3) Having family around. I do like spending time with family.

4) The weekends. It's nice to have Aaron home and to spend more time together.

5) Having the bills paid. I'm always happy on payday right after getting the newest set of bills all taken care of. Even though that usually means there isn't much money left, at least the bills are paid!

6) New clothes. There's nothing like it!

Kay, I tag Jana, because she hasn't posted in a little while. I tag Chanel, because it's been even longer since she has updated her blog (though I'm not sure how into the whole tag thing she is). I tag Candice, because, once again, it's been long since I've seen an update on her blog, and I tag Stephanie, because I think she might actually do it.

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