Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Blunder

So, I finally did it. I finally sent a query letter to a real-life, professional editor. I sent it to an agent for Writers House. So, kind of exciting. I am making progress on the road to my book being published. So, I am expecting my first rejection letter within the next three weeks. Here's the letter exactly as I sent it.

Melanie Nelson


February 23, 2009

Maya Rock
Writers House

Dear Maya Rock,

Of all the agents at Writers House, I thought that you would be most interested in reading my book and I hope that it fits with your personal taste.

Karen Moss, is no longer able to classify herself as normal. The story starts as Karen wakes up in a strange place, with a strange man, and wearing strange clothes. The image in the mirror reflects an older version of herself. When she learns that she is no longer seventeen years old, but twenty-two, her family and husband (the strange man) determine that she has amnesia. The truth, though, is much more disconcerting; she shifts through time. While she was five years into her future, an older Karen had taken her place as a seventeen year old. Although the shifts were never predictable, a frightening change occurs when they become new and unknown even to the older Karen. Not only is time behaving erratically, the lives of Karen’s future family are in mortal danger and only Karen can prevent a tragic outcome.

Told from the viewpoint of our younger Karen – excepting journal entries and written messages from the future heroin – and replete with humor and real-to-life teenage attitudes, this 81,000+ word story will entertain teenagers and adults alike.

Because of the time-traveling aspect of Glimpse, I would categorize it as a YA Science Fiction, though light on the science and heavy on the fiction.

I have been faithfully writing in my journal since I was seven years old and have excelled in my English and Literature college courses. Reading and writing have always been my passion and I spend as much time with both as I can. Since I am a stay at home mom, I am able to make plenty of time for these, my hobbies.

Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to the prospect of working with you in the future and hearing back from you shortly.


Melanie Nelson

Then, that night when Aaron got home from work he pointed out to me that I spelled heroin wrong. Yes. Heroin is a hard drug. Heroine is a female hero. Apparently I wrote about a drug. I don't know that an editor will over look that, and since a query letter is VERY important to publication, my manuscript will likely not be solicited. Not that the letter is very good anyway. But, whatever. I sent in a letter to an agent. Yay me.


Lora Dawn said...

O-o-o-oh, man, bummer of a blooper.

Hm-m-m, maybe she gets into drugs in the sequel!

Anonymous said...

I like your synopsis. It is much more brief and not so overwhelming as the one you sent me and Chris. I know I was going to write one for you and I probably would have spelled heroine wrong as well. I think it will be okay though.

Love ya

Melanie said...

Ah, but Mother, this is a query letter, not a synopsis. Very different things. The synopsis that I sent to you and Chris is still under construction. It is a bit shorter now, but still needs work. But it will and should be longer than the query letter. Other agents that I will send to require the letter AND the synopsis. That is why I haven't sent to them yet. The synopsis isn't ready.

HappyClimate said...

That is great! Good luck. I hope something happens.

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I would read your book.

Sharla said...

You go girl! It sounds like a book I would love to read! And I do editing and I didn't even notice the heroin part. By the way, you may want to go back in and take out your address. Since this blog isn't private, anyone in the world could now know your first and last name and exactly where you live. When I first started blogging I didn't think of those things and accidentally posted a picture in front of my house so anyone could find us easily. Just thought I'd share with you what someone shared with me!