Sunday, February 15, 2009


And here's some of my journal entry from my homeschool graduation. There were about 50 graduates that year. We graduated in the Northwest Nazarene University Brandt Center.

Just so you know, I wrote three pages about this day, so not ALL of it was like the following, only about 2 pages. :)
So, we went to NNU first thing in the morning and practiced and such then had a lot of down time. I luckily met a girl and we made friends so I had someone to hang out with since I didn't know anyone there. Except Joe from last weeks feature. But...
May 28, 2002
Joe walked by a couple of times but never said anything or even looked at me.

When we got our yearbooks I got the courage to find Joe and ask him to sign mine.
Here, I’ll write what he wrote in mine. “Melanie, It was cool to meet you and I think we should keep in touch. Maybe go skiing sometime. We’ll keep in touch.” And he wrote his phone number. Then I wrote in his. I don’t remember what exactly, but I didn’t leave my number or anything, then he asked for it. And guess what? I gave it to him! He isn’t LDS Oiy. Then we talked. We talked for 1½-2 hours! I kind of promised to teach him how to ski. He said we would have to go bowling sometime or something before the snow comes…But I think he likes me! And what’s worse, I like him! He was so cool and funny. And he was really easy to talk to. I wasn’t even afraid to talk to Joe. He doesn’t have a shy affect on me. Why can’t he be a Mormon?!?!
Here I write a lot about how much I want to date him and stuff and lament that he isn't LDS. I find it very funny. He never asked to date me. Boy was I silly.
He’s fun to talk to. And to tease. I basically had a 1½-2 hour flirt session. I’ve never flirted before that.
Okay, so, maybe I did flirt a little, but not for 2 hours. I don't know what I thought flirting was. Perhaps talking to a boy and smiling? Oh, naive little Melanie.
I bet I’m sounding so young and dumb. (Yep)
I even had the nerve to fix Joe’s crooked graduation cap. How is that for an amateur flirt aye?

Although it's embarrassing and silly the way I thought about it then, I do have fond memories now. And, like I said in my journal, it would be a day I would remember for a long time, not because of Joe, but because I graduated. (Not that the diploma I got was good for anything.)


Martha said...

I didn't know you were homeschooled. Are you going to homeschool your own kids?

HappyClimate said...

That is funny. That reminds me of when I went to my cousins wedding, there was this way cute boy there and we flirted the entire time, I didn't know how to flirt really but it sure was fun, a little embarresing to think back on but a good memory now.