Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay, a little embarrassed about the following. Just shows immaturity and recklessness. But hey.
June 4, 2002
On Sat I went to the cruise with Laurie and Sarah Thomson. Laurie thought it would be fun to spray people with silly string. We agreed. We just got there and were next to a guy on a motorcycle. Laurie made Sarah spray him. He was mad. He chased us, swore at us, scared us, banged on the window, then told on us. We got pulled over. We all had to show the cops our ID’s. They questioned us and Laurie and Sarah fed them a stupid lie. “Oh, she was shaking it with the lid off and accidentally sprayed him." Stupid huh? They obviously didn’t believe it, but didn’t say much. They took all 3 cans of silly string, (2 of which were still un-opened). Then they let us go. Man, tough luck, huh? And he was the first guy we even sprayed. I suppose it was pretty stupid though huh? It won’t be repeated.

For a YCL (Youth Camp Leader) adventure we went white water rafting. I was actually already 18 and had been to girls camp my allotted 6 years already, but since my mom was the camp director and because I really bad wanted to do the white water rafting I was allowed to go an extra year.
July 11, 2002
Of course we all had river guides, and the one on my boat happened to be the perfect guy. No joke. He was probably the most gorgeous guy that I have ever seen, including t.v. and movies. He had perfect white teeth that smiled a lot. Gorgeous eyes, blonde hair, a perfect tan. (Oh my gosh he was so dark.) Muscles galore, 6 pack baby. And he was funny and nice. Not to mention a returned missionary.
I think he liked Annie Davis. He flirted with her a lot. Jealousy. Every YCL thought he was cute. I mean hot. I don’t think anybody got a picture of him. We weren’t thinking. Oh! I won a game of “Queen of the raft.” And he said “Good job.” !

I don't remember ever thinking a tan was all that impressive, but I guess I made an exception for this guy. His name was Ben. And woo! He spoke two words to me! Ha ha.

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Sharla said...

LOL, I love it! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to share past posts from my journal! Something to think about though....