Saturday, February 21, 2009

AJ Rumina

Last night I went to a launch party, which included a fashion show/open house for a new line of clothes. My cousin is one of the creators of this line and the business and she's done a great job. The clothes are really cute. The company is called AJ Rumina and the line is Bustin' Out. Since clothes are generally made with a cup B size in mind, this line is specifically for those with larger cup sizes. So if you fit the bill you should for sure go check out the website. Click here.
Even though I've kinda been getting a lot of shirts lately, (what with Christmas and the gift card I had to Shade) I got me a cute new shirt. I got the pink polo. You'll see it on the website. I'll be wearing it today. (As soon as I get off my rump and get showered and all that jazz!)
Anyway, yay Michelle and yay new clothes!


Stephanie said...

cool! That pink polo is REALLY cute. I really wished I could have gone. I'm so proud of Michelle!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it AJ Rumina?

Melanie said...

Yes you are correct. Thanks.