Monday, February 2, 2009

Black light mini-golf

For date night on Friday we went to Tafalga, (or something) and played some indoor miniature golf with blacklights. It was a fun time. Oh, and date nights for us usually involve Morgan as well. So, date nights are kinda like family nights. Morgan did awesome. He just followed us around holding his golf club and a lame little slinky that we won with the tickets that we got from the arcade.

Kay, this is retarded. I don't know why the picture is sideways. I rotated it in iphoto so it should be corrected here too. Oh well. I'm gonna leave it.


Stephanie said...

did you get a hole in one?

Melanie said...

Not once. But Aaron did on the last hole, winning him a free game. :)

Sara said...

I've been wanting to go mini-golfing with the kids for awhile now but I've always been worried about how they would do. Seeing that Morgan did well, we'll have to go try it!