Friday, February 20, 2009

Totally pampered

I had a couple of firsts today. I got my free pedi and facial. And by golly, that's something that I would pay money for.
I had my pedicure first. I sat on a nice massaging chair while my feet soaked in a little foot jacuzzi. Then the beautician, Roy, (a girl) massaged my feet and put lotions and the gritty sand stuff that feels so good on them. So nice! After that Roy painted the toenails.
Then we moved to another room for the facial. With dimmed lights and towels around my face and steam blowing at me, Roy applied the different creams and masks with a nice warm and damp towel following each application. While I had a mask on she gave me a hand massage. Ah. When my face was all cleansed and moisturized she applied makeup on me. (Though I did the mascara and eyeliner. Neither of us were completely comfortable with her doing it. She was afraid of poking my eye and I'm always afraid when someone is that close to my eyeball with a pointy object.
It was nice and relaxing and I quite enjoyed it; more than I was expecting to. So, if you live around here you should check out Visage Skin and Beauty Bar in Pleasant Grove.

Here I am with my painted toes and sparkly face. :)


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Looking good, girl Now you must take it easy and not do too much besides look beautiful. Send Morgan up here.

Anonymous said...

My pretty Melanie

Love ya Mom

Stephanie said...

would you look at those toes. What is that, jungle red?

Martha said...

Sounds so nice....

Melanie said...

It's a pink!