Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Icky Stain

Help! All of you wonderful readers, I need advice. To get to the petition for it I will first tell my story.
I got lots of new shirts from Shade, right? Well, the first time I wore one of the shirts I got a stain on it. It was one of the days when a lot of my family was in town and staying with us. In fact, I even invited some extended family over that night for dinner and games. After many people had left and while others were watching a movie, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. While washing my hands I glanced up at the mirror and saw something startling in the reflection. There were two very peculiarly placed dark spots on my shirt.

Gah! My first reaction was to think that for some reason I had lactated through my layers of clothes. But that didn't make sense because 1) I haven't nursed a baby for about a year now and 2) the other layers of clothes were dry. Then I realized that the spots were dry as well, not wet as they looked.
I've since washed the shirt, but the stains remain. I have NO IDEA what it is or how I got it. (I just hope that no one noticed it before me!) So, now I have this brand new shirt, only worn once, with stains that prevent me from ever wearing it again. Here is where I need help. Are there any tricks for removing spots? I don't know any of them. All advice is welcome, so please leave a comment with your ideas. Thanks!


A*Waite said...

Try the tide on the go stick thingy, yesterday I tried it on a stain and it worked. I was surprised!

Luke said...

Looks like grease stains to me. Possibly from dropped french fries, or the like. If the shirt has already been washed, odds of removal are slim. But you could try the following:

1. Spray hairspray on the stains before you throw them in the washer, and then let them air dry. Running a shirt through the dryer makes stains harder to remove.

2. Try baking soda and water.

3. Try vinegar. It works for everything else.

Candice said...

I've heard amazing things about Oxyclean. I think baking soda will do the same thing.

keith and arianne said...

oh sad! I've had good luck with Resolve carpet cleaner on my stains and washing on cold.

Sharla said...

It looks like grease to me and I always put dish soap on my grease spots and it takes them out, even if they've been dried! Let me know if it works!