Sunday, January 25, 2009

Excuses, excuses

May 7, 2002
I was writing about a time at The Cruise with Laurie. This particular time, while she was distracted by some guys on the sidewalk who were shouting at her, she ran into a Thunderbird who was stopped at a light. She claimed she didn't hear me screaming at her to stop, and even tried to give me some blame. A lot of people mulled around while we waited for the cops.

One of the standerby’s even asked Laurie for her phone number. She said, “No, I have a boyfriend. But Melanie doesn’t.” I said, “Well he doesn’t want mine.” Then Laurie threw in, “she can’t give out her phone number.” That was embarrassing. Duh! I could give it out if I wanted, but I don’t.
Not to mention, nobody had ever asked for it. :)

After getting the fender bender straightened out we were headed for the freeway to home. The police men who had dealt with the accident were right behind us and after awhile told Laurie to pull over again, via intercom. They informed her of a horrible exhaust problem. She made excuses.

Then he said, “oh, and another thing, your driving is terrible. She blamed that on the steering wheel. Then he asked her how the steering wheel had anything to do with running a red light. (Silly Laurie) She had another excuse for that. So the other officer spoke up and said, “Mam, it seems like you have an excuse for everything." Laurie said, “No I don’t." He went on “Yes you do, and your attitude is terrible." ….. ”We have given you tons of breaks, so I suggest you get your car out of here before we change our minds.” She said, “that’s where we’re going, she is already past curfew.” So we left.
It was times like these that I was embarrassed to be Laurie's passenger. I wanted the police men to know that I wasn't like her, and that I didn't agree with her, and I that I wouldn't be so disrespectful. But there is that guilt by association thing, which I was often very aware of.

I was terrified of Mom. I wasn’t home till almost midnight. I walked inside where Mom, Stephanie and Jeff were chatting. They wanted answers. I had to convince myself that lying wouldn’t be the right way out. I delayed it and tried to sneak to bed, but I eventually told them. I thought that I would be grounded for life for getting in an accident. That is how bizarre my mom is. Boy was I surprised when I didn’t get a tongue lashing or anything. I was especially surprised when mom didn’t tell me that I could never go anywhere again with Laurie. But everything worked out fine. No one was hurt in the accident or from Mom.
So I guess Mom wasn't that bizarre after all. :)


HappyClimate said...

That is funny, parents really can surprise you sometimes. They get mad at things they shouldn't and when you think they will get mad they don't.

Stephanie said...

That Laurie! She could have killed you! She's like Randy in that she gets away with the most blatant things. Unbelievable, how did those cops just let her off?

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

O my goodness--just reading this raises my blood pressure.