Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This and that

First an anecdote. Today, (I'm still in Nampa with family) I went to the temple with my mom, and left Morgan with my younger brothers to be babysat. When I got home I was greeted with this story.
Morgan approached my brother Cameron and informed him that he had a ball in his nose. Sure enough, Cameron checked and saw one of those airsoft gun bullets jammed up there. He tried to get Morgan to blow it out, but Morgan would sniff instead, so that was unsuccessful! Cameron couldn't get it out and so decided to call my dad or try to see if my Mom and I were out of the temple and able to answer a phone, but before he did Morgan came back to him and said, "I got it!" He held up the ball as proof. Phew! That could have turned in to much more drama. I just read a friends blog who had the exact same thing happen to her two year old, only they ended up at the doctors office with the nostril widening tools and everything.

Thing two. Our tenants are a nightmare! They moved in in April, paid first months rent and one third of the deposit. They immediately tried to steal gas, which resulted in us having to pay for a replacement meter or something. They paid the next months rent, but no deposit. And that's it. Nothing in June, nothing in July, nothing in August. So we're evicting them. They were supposed to be out by the first of the month, but they have been making excuses and begging for extensions. Yesterday I went to the house, expecting it to be empty because we were told that they would be out by Saturday, "no ifs, ands, or buts" in their words. When I pulled up to the house there were two cars in the driveway and five motorcycles on the lawn. What the heck? After all their excuses and outright lies, (the check is in the mail!) I was ready for some confrontation. I ring the doorbell and the female renter comes out. I'll call her Hailey, since that is her name and I don't feel the need to protect her privacy. But not only does Hailey emerge from the house, two large dogs lumber out with her. She is able to keep a third one inside. We specifically mentioned that there were no pets allowed. She makes a comment about the dogs being there until her mother-in-law gets off work. But....she's proven not to be honest, so that means nothing to me.
Hailey shews one dog back inside, but allows the other to remain out, so during the whole conversation that follows imagine a dog jumping up on me and licking my knees.

Me: "Hailey? I'm Melanie Nelson. I own the house."
Hailey: "Mmm-Hmm...." This is intoned in a way that says, "Yeah, and? Your point? What could you possibly want?" Grrrrr!
Me: "We understood that you would be out of the house by at least the fifteenth, no if's, ands, or buts." You better believe I threw those words right back at her!
Hailey: "Yeah, I emailed your husband and said we would be out by tonight."
I pause for a moment, as I am a little taken aback by her words. I happened to know there was no agreement for that since I called my husband moments before ringing the doorbell. Plus, I'm really not good with confrontation or being mean to people I don't know well. Not that mean was what I was going for, just firm, and serious.
Me: "Well we obviously never got that email."
Hailey, interrupting : "We'll be out by tonight. When my husband gets off work we'll take everything out, clean everything up and leave the house in the order that we got it."
(I've heard that before! From her. Two weeks before.)
Me, still trying to show that I mean business: "Well we've done you lots of favors, and we really need you out by tomorrow."
Hailey did more of her assurances, all with the expressions and intonations that say that she thinks I'm an idiot and she shouldn't have to keep explaining things to me.
Me: "You mentioned that you would mow the back..." I deliberately lean over to peek through the fence slats to peer into the back yard. I see tall weeds.
Hailey: "Yeah, my husband will mow that tonight. He did half of it, he just has to do the other half."
Me: "Alright, well, I'll be back tomorrow, so we really need everything gone. I have to get home."
Then I leave feeling like I lost.
Today I went back. I was relieved when I saw that there were no cars in the driveway and no motorcycles on the lawn. I rang the doorbell for good measure, but let myself in with my key when no one answered. There was still stuff in there. Not a lot, not furniture, but still stuff. The carpets were disgusting. Pretty blackened. Nothing was cleaned, but there were still some cleaning supplies there, as well as a vaccuum. I called Aaron, who then checked his email and found a new one from Hailey. Once again she was demanding an extension. This time it was so she could finish cleaning, so I wasn't going to argue. Otherwise I would have to do more work! But I did notice that two cupboard doors had been broken off in the kitchen. The screen door for the sliding glass door was laying in the weeds in the backyard, which, by the way, were high everywhere. In no place did he mow them down, like Hailey claimed. But, a point for them, the upstairs looked okay. It had been cleaned and the carpet wasn't too bad. Also, the carpet wasn't good when they moved in, but it is tons worse now, and they were only there for a few months. I just hope they clean up all the beer cans in the back yard.
I guess I get to go back tomorrow. It had better be finished.
Wow, this ended up being very long. So sorry.


A*Waite said...

Ahh the wonders of being a land lord. It is such a crazy adventure!! I can relate, our family has been doing this for years. It is rare to find a respectful renter. Our current renters are pretty good as far as I can tell. It is a cross your fingers kind of life.

Bobbi said...

Crazy. We have noticed that they didn't like very responsible tenants. But I had no idea you still owned it other wise I would have mentioned it to you. I'm sorry. Do you need any help cleaning or anything? I have a carpet cleaner and I'd be happy to come help clean. Just let me know.

Smullin Family said...

Grrrr. I'm mad at your renters... as well as all other dishonest and disrespectful renters. We've had our own fair share of rental issues this year. Hate it!

Sorry that you've had to go through that. No fun! --We're not good at the confrontation or mean part either.

Tiffany Vincent said...

Totally sucks.

Stephanie said...

what a bummer! Bobbi, you seem like a kind and genuine person. Mel, maybe you should take her up on that awesome offer!

What losers. I'm sorry it turned out so bad. :(

Glad Morgan didn't have to have nostril widening.

Lora Dawn said...

Arg---been there, seen that. What a pit. And the refuse to leave thing - - - seen that, too. FRUSTRATING, uh huh. Sorry you have this to deal with.