Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ouch! It stung me!

We're finally back home. We had a good time visiting family, but we're happy to be home. Now I have some blogging to catch up on! Todays post will be smaller though. I plan to gently work my way up to the things that require larger posts with more pictures.

One evening Morgan and I were hanging out at my parents' house. Most people were gone. So I took my boy outside and we mosied over to the little garden area. I found some delicious, hidden cherry tomatoes and was busy picking them while Morgan played happily near by.

I was by the plants and Morgan was bouncing on that board there.

But then he started screaming in a panic. I looked at him and there were a few wasps hovering around him, so I quickly picked him up and whisked him away to safety. My poor boy was stung three times. Once in the forehead and twice on the arm. He wouldn't let me near him for a little while, but I finally convinced him to let me put a baking soda paste on his stings and that seemed to help immediately. Then, because Morgan associates hurts with bandaids, I put some on him.
Now Morgan is wary of bees and their stingers, which is probably good. Morgan's first bee sting was tripled.

After taking care of Morgan, I took my brother out to the garden area. We found wasps hovering around the tail light on the pickup. Cameron got the wasp spray and drenched them and their home, killing the mean insects that hurt my Morgan.


keith and arianne said...

ouch, poor little guy!

Smullin Family said...

Those naughty hornets..or bees.. or whatever. Leave little Morgan alone! Poor kiddo.

My kids are terrified of stinging insects. Sometimes I can't get them to enjoy the back yard or jump on the trampoline, because they are afraid they might get stung. I act all tough and uncaring, but I really don't like them either.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

That's a cute,wry picture of Morgan