Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Four Wheeling while camping

While we were up in Idaho, Morgan and I went camping with my family. So much fun! We found this place near Anderson Ranch Reservoir, which is pretty much in Mountain Home. Who knew there was anything pretty and foresty in Mountain Home? It was a great spot with lots of ATV trails, which was great considering we brought 4.

We got there Wednesday and stayed till Saturday. It was my parents, the three youngest boys still at home, Shelly, (Jason's GF) and then a day later my older bro Chris and his family came up. Morgan was much happier when his cousins arrived and we didn't hear as much of the "Let's go home, mommy" complaint.

On Thursday we went on a nice ride. All who were at camp went, which meant that each ATV had two people aboard, but it was still quite fun. I sent Morgan with Grandpa. On the back of my Dad's machine there is a bit of a backrest for a second rider. Look at the series of photos of Morgan with Grandpa.

The ride started like this.

Then Morgan started to slouch a little. Not long after that Morgan was laying down comfortably. He even put the brim of his hat over his face to protect from the sun and dust. Once while we stopped briefly, we lifted the hat to peak at him and he was sleeping! How do you fall asleep on a four wheeler?
Jason and Shelly.

Mom and Cameron.

Casey and I were on another, but I didn't really get a picture of it.

We found some beautiful views on this ride.

Morgan is so adventurous. Look at him go!

I thought it was cute when Morgan, Kaien and Emmy all hopped aboard their own ATV and took to the imaginary trails.

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Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Exactly how fast does your dad drive? And at what angles? put-put-put