Monday, August 24, 2009

Ison Family Reunion

I guess it's time to get this post posted. The Ison family reunion, one of the reasons for my extended trip to Idaho, was great. Many of you know the details of it already, and the other portion of you might not care much, so I'll just pretty much cover the Saturday night bit.

The Fish Pond. A great idea and so much fun. Morgan loved the loot he got.

The contents of his first fishing experience,

And the second...

I didn't get pictures of his third or fourth times through. :)

Morgan loves motorcycles. At one point I looked around for Morgan and didn't see him anywhere. I finally found him admiring Wade's motorcycle.

That night we also had an auction. That was fun. It would have been more fun if I won more stuff. :) Though I did get some cute homemade cards and some adorable flowers to garnish the hair of little (or big) girls.

On the way home that night Morgan fell asleep with his new army hat on. Oh so funny.


keith and arianne said...

okay that picture of him sleeping in the army helmet is hilarious, love it!

Rachel said...

He looks so cute in that army hat! [MUCH cuter than Kevin did. ;)]