Thursday, August 27, 2009

Log Wars

The first day of our camping trip, my three younger brothers were sent to gather firewood on the four wheelers. Casey came back with a huge log, which we turned into a bench. (He claims that this was his intension all along, but who knows?) :)

Cute kids utelizing the bench. P.s. That isn't snow, but ash from the fire.

But extra seating was not what we used it for initially. We introduced the whole, "I'm the King of the Castle" game into our camp life. The game is simple and familiar. Two people stand on the log and push each other. Grabbing is against the rules. The last one standing is the winner.

Here I am besting my two youngest brothers. :)

Most of the log wars occurred before Chris and his family arrived, so when he did, Jason had to challenge his untested brother. The problem was, I was sitting on the log eating my lunch. I was there first! Ah well. Let the games commence!