Monday, August 17, 2009

A poem

I feel the need to post. So I will post a poem I wrote last night. I was playing this game/deal with my family where we chose a topic and all took about ten minutes or so and wrote a poem about it. All the poems were pretty good, I thought, and it was fun. So here is my poem. I tried to make it mockingly serious or something. The subject matter was dust mites.

The Enemy Within

Under the bed,
Under the chair,
In the corner over there.

On unloved books,
As thick as sand
on the blades of the ceiling fan.

Dust Mites.

So gray, so worn,
Bleak and forlorn.

Picked up by breeze,
Hanging in air,
Landing softly in your hair.

Finding your mouth
And on they float,
Till they stop in your throat.

Dust Mites.

Coughing and sneezing,
Choking and wheezing.

Sniffly nose,
Watery eyes,
Anywhere the dust mite flies.

Allergic reactions,
Curses and scorn,
Are children of the dust mites born.

So mean, so vile,
Like hate filled bile.

Dust Mites.

There it is. Disclaimer. I only had a little while to write it! I know it's silly and some of the rhymes are dumb, but it's a poem about dust mites, for petes sake. Don't take it so seriously. Sheesh.