Monday, January 24, 2011

New Car

I got a new car! You see, I didn't need a large Dodge Durango, or its large monthly payment, or its large fuel guzzling. When we bought the Durango, not quite 3 years ago, I was pregnant, and so we wanted a car that would fit two kids better than our tiny one. (Pregnancy didn't last.) And I wanted a car that our hopefully growing family could grow in to. I didn't want to have to buy a new one if we had a third or fourth child. So an SUV it was. (I'm not a minivan type.)
Well, clearly that didn't happen. And a single mom with two kids doesn't need an SUV. So I traded in the dodge. They gave me $8,250 for it, which went directly to the bank we financed it from. I just looked at the dealerships website and see that it's listed at $11,133 at a lot that does one price cars. They won't haggle down.
Anyway, after looking at a few different lots and driving several cars, and after getting my dad's advice and opinion, I selected a black, 2008, Pontiac G6. It's nice, it's sleek, it's roomy, and it's mine. And it only has 24, 500 miles.
It came down to this car and a newer Nissan Sentra. The deciding factor was kind of how well the car seat fit in this car. Lydia's rear facing car seat takes up a lot of space. It was a tight fit in the Durango. In the Nissan, you would have to scoot the passenger seat way up. The G6 fits it better than the Dodge did! I'm pleased with that.
I feel strangely liberated. I was driving it home and having the familiar panicky feeling I get after spending tons of money. Then I started feeling liberated instead. This is my car. Not our car. I'm on my way to a new me, and this car kind of feels like my team mascot. My team. It will take me there in style.


Smullin Family said...

I'm not a minivan type either... but I DO drive one. Eventually when you get there, you'll LOVE the space!

Congrats on a new fun.

PS-I haven't been able to get that darn song out of my head, since the comment on FB... "super fly like a G6, like a G6...".

The Wilson Family said...

You go girl! can't wait for you to drive me around in it...ha ha ha!

Lora Dawn said...

Hey this comment is for the Jack of all trade post - - since it wouldn't let me leave a comment.

Personally, I think there is a lot to value in a person who chugs in a steady course (without playing the drama/attention card). A woman who keeps her face toward the light without a lot of exterior applause is an amazing woman . . . . made of beautiful stuff. My two cents.

tmataitusi said...

I remember the same feeling when my year old baby Brian and I rode around in my newly acquired 1966 VW bug that my brother salvaged from the junk yard. He re-did the interior so it was really nice - inside. Outside was the color of gray primer, rust and the original green with the yellow junkyard numbers still written on each part. But is was mine. I was paying my brother $100 a month for a year, making it my car. Not ours. Mine. It felt great. I still have it. And Brian's an amazing 21 year old in his last 5 months of his mission. Life goes on. And it can be great!

A.Lee said...

Love your new car! I hope that car helps you feel like your own new woman emerging! And by the way...your writing is NOT average--you are an awesome writer, with proof!