Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ooh's and Aah's

Lydia May is delightfully cute. And chunky. I love her to bits. Remember how she used to cry all the time? She pretty much got over that. Then she smiled and talked all the time. When I have to take her out of the chapel at church, it is often because of the LOUD happy noises and squeals she makes. If I was in a young ward, and if I sat near the back, I might just stay put. But in my ward, Lydia is the youngest baby for sure, and there may only be one more. So they aren't used to the baby noises interrupting their meetings, so they don't have the patience for it.
The crying has picked up again. I think she's been teething for the past month. Then I think she got an ear infection on top of that. The result of this is crying a LOT at night when I want to be sleeping, and waking up every two hours at least. I'm a zombie.
Hopefully this passes quickly.
But look how cute she is!


amber said...

So absolutly adoreable! I can relate to the up every two hours. We are still in that stage.

Chrissy said...

She is adorable! I'm sorry she's keeping you up all hours of the night. Have you tried Tylenol for her right before her bed time? Sometimes it helps with the pain of the teeth breaking through. Or if you know which teeth are bugging her, you can try Orajel. This is obviously basic advice- so I won't be shocked if you've tried both...Good luck!

angela said...

She darling without clothes too.