Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Morgan

How did my cute, little, mischievous, baby boy, Morgan, turn from this...
To this handsome, still mischievous, big, grown-up, boy?

He's just really been looking older lately. And I want him to STOP!
When I told him he needed to stop growing and getting older, he, in all seriousness, told me that he didn't know how. 

Every weekday, (most every weekday, that is) we do his workbooks. He's finished quite a few, and he does Kindergarten-first grade work. He isn't even supposed to go to Kindergarten for another 2 years! 
He's known his letters and their sounds for quite some time now, but is starting to put them together. He can sound out phonetic three letter words. He even tries to spell some by himself. Morgan also is good at writing. He can write his numbers and letters rather well. 
One of our goals for this year is for Morgan to learn how to read. I think that is a very attainable goal. He's already well on his way. 

The older Morgan gets, the more challenging he gets. He was the sweetest, easiest, baby ever, and that spilled over into toddlerhood. But there is a stubborn streak in this boy that is really starting to shine. He's been somewhat difficult lately. (Perhaps some of that can be blamed on the drastic changes in his life??) I've found though, that my being angry with him, threatening punishments, maybe even raising my voice (I know, I know, bad mom!) doesn't really do much good at all. Timeouts can be helpful, but I first have to chase him around the house and manually put him there, and that doesn't make me feel very dignified. But when I can get him to talk to me calmly, (and when I can talk to him calmly) and discuss the issue, and have him figure out what would be best to do, he sometimes will improve. 
I've been having talks with him lately, and even though they are to discuss his negative behaviors, he loves them. "Let's have a talk mommy." So we do this before he goes to bed, and rehash how the day went. I ask him what he did good, and what he did that wasn't good. And we talk, and he commits to do better next time. And I think it maybe has a positive result. 

Anyway, this post wasn't going to be this long. Oh well. 
I love my Morgan. He's sweet, and affectionate with me, and always jumps to my rescue, like, say, when my younger brothers are aiming to provoke. "My Mommy is not a goose! You are!" Oh the bad habits he's picking up...


A*Waite said...

Kids grow up too fast. I am trying to relish each day of Sterlings babyhood!

SouthfieldFam said...

He is such a handsome boy! Sounds like you are doing all the right things to help him through all of his life changes lately! If you ever need an awesome parenting book try either the love and logic books or have a new kids by friday. They are both available at the library or deseret book!

The Wilson Family said...

Oh Melanie. how I love your posts. I miss you and I want to visit you!! I love your kids. Your sweet Morgan reminds me of my little Joseph..I bet they'd be good friends!

tmataitusi said...

Morgan is a very smart and observant little guy and it may be part of the reason he is also struggling a little with all the changes in his life. Just keep talking with him, stay positive with him, keep on with the one to one time, and all will be well. You are doing a terrific job, Melanie!