Friday, January 14, 2011


For Christmas, from her dad, Lydia got a Bumbo. Her patience level in it varies, but sometimes it seems like she really likes it. I just like looking at her when she's sitting there all funny. 
Missing a sock. 
I was trying to get her cute open mouthed smile, but this required me to not hide my face behind the camera. So, while I was entertaining her, I tried to keep the camera steady, but I still managed to cut her head off. Still cute though.

Look at the timing on this one! Woooo-Ooo
A lot of bloggers would probably just pick one, maybe two, pictures of the baby in the bumbo. But I have a hard time narrowing it down! They are all so cute, so why deprive the world of that? And by world, I mean family and friends. So, you're welcome!


keith and arianne said...

She is so darling! I'm glad you put them all up :)

The Wilson Family said...

Thank you. i love your posts and I read everyone. love ya girl!

Candice said...

Thank you for not depriving us of those! She is such a doll! I should post the ones of Levi in his. We should get the babies and their bumbos together!

It was fun seeing you last night. Hope Morgan had a good time too!

Stephanie said...

I miss her.

tmataitusi said...

She's straight out of the 70s! Her hands look so dainty and I love the slobbery photo!

A.Lee said...

Loved the naked toes! Such a cutie.