Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I haven't forgotten Christmas

I'm finally getting around to the Christmas post. 
Christmas eve was fun. Everyone came to the parents house to play. Morgan was entertained with his cousins, and I was with my siblings and parents. 
To be festive, Lydia wore her little santa dress, and my sister put a bow on her head. 
We played some games. This was the only picture taken of it, and I suspect it was because Stephanie got a hold of my camera again. So Casey it is.

And the reason I suspect Stephanie.
We had our traditional big Christmas Eve dinner. I take that back. Everyone else had the dinner. I skipped on the ham, funeral potatoes, yams, rolls, and pie. I ate green salad with a yucky, yet healthy, dressing, and some corn. And I still had a gallbladder attack. Hmm, I feel like I'm repeating myself. Did I already mention that on a different post?
After dinner, I had Morgan unwrap his Christmas eve present before I had to take him to his dad. 
Look how excited he was when he thought he got a cereal that he doesn't even like.
Now look at his disappointment when he found out it was pajamas. He was seriously grumpy about it. He got a bit of a lecture because of it. 
Our Christmas tradition has been to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. But that was because we were young. I guess my Casey still is, because he set his alarm. But that's okay, because I was getting Morgan bright and early so I could have him back to Aaron for their much later Christmas. 
I didn't locate my camera again until after the Christmas presents were all opened. :( Morgan got a few more Cars characters, specifically Chick, King, Sarge, and Ramone. They were his cheapest presents from me, and his favorites. 
He also got this scooter.

I got Lydia a play station thing. No, not playstation, a play station. Like a walker, but without wheels. She's still a little bit small for it, but she enjoys brief moments of play there. 

She especially likes this flower thing.

Ah, she's cute! 


Smullin Family said...

Melanie, your hair looks shiny and healthy in the first picture, pretty.

Love the picture of Lydia looking at her flower, funny. :)

Looks like a great Christmas... minus the not eating yummy things and gallbladder attack. Boo.

A.Lee said...

I love that he was more disappointed in the pjs--kids can be so unpredictable when it comes to presents. Lydia looks so cute in her play station.

A.Lee said...

Oh, and btw you look really good in that first pic. I can't believe how long your hair is!

Chanelson said...

Lydia looks totally adorable! And you look really pretty!

The Wilson Family said...

send me a note on where to find the original car characters. i CAN'T FIND THEM we have lightening and Mater but...can't find the other ones anywhere. quite annoying. thanks. love the pictures too. especially the ones of you and your littles!

Stephanie said...


tmataitusi said...

This brings back memories, Brian had a Christmas right about 5 years old where he started to cry and refused to open any more gifts because all the rest of the presents were "soft presents" and he didn't want any soft presents! We, too, had a talk that Christmas and we decided to downscale Christmas from that point on!