Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas and New Year

 Our family tradition growing up was to wake up on Christmas at 6:00. This tradition lasted until this year. We finally didn't wake up so early. (Thank you Casey, for not setting your alarm!) I expected Morgan to wake up a little early, out of the excitement, but it was 7:10 when I finally got up. I had to, since we had to have our Christmas stuff before going to our 9:00 church.
So, I went and woke Morgan up.
Me: Morgan, do you know what day it is?
Morgan: Christmas. (In a very groggy voice.)
Me: Yes! Don't you want to go see what Santa brought?
Morgan: *rolls over* I'm just so tired!

I don't know what planet Morgan is from.
We eventually all went upstairs.
Casey, Mom, Lydia, and Cameron.
Morgan got a Bumblebee transformer from Santa. It's a little difficult for a five year old. In fact, it's a little difficult for a 27 year old...
 Lydia was pretty good at unwrapping presents, for a novice. That right there is her first toothbrush.
 Lydia got a baby doll and a bottle for the doll. But she misses bottles, so she tried it.
After presents, we hurried and got ready for church.
We spent the afternoon playing games and snacking on junk food. Oh. And talking to Jason on the phone! My missionary brother called, and it was fun to talk to him.

New Years Eve was fun. The day was spent with family, playing games. Morgan had a blast with his cousins. I had a blast with the adults. Then I put the kids to bed, and headed off to party. The first was a Murder Mystery Party. I've always wanted to go to one of those. I had fun, too! I got to play the role of Sniper, a character who was diagnosed with split personalities as a child, and as a result, had a double life as an adult. A politicians wife by day, and escort by night. It was actually very fun playing that part. Me trying to be seductive, is probably amusing. Actually, I know it's amusing, because I was amused.
I died second in the game.
That murder was solved at 11:30, then I booked it to a dance. I was driving alone in my car when midnight struck. Oh well. When I made it to the dance, there were three slow dances left. And guess what? This girl danced for all of them. I feel like I graduated from the girl who was lucky to dance once at the youth stake dances.
After the dance, I stopped at a bonfire. When my toes were too cold though, I went home. Thank goodness church changed to 11:00!

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