Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve. I think I may like Christmas Eve more than Christmas. We had all the family here, we played games, we had out big ham dinner. We exchanged sibling gifts. It was fun.

The kids spent some time playing outside, and when they came in, Grandma made them some hot chocolate.
Lydia wore her festive outfit.
See the rosy cheek? Molars are coming in. Oh, and the necklaces are a big hit with Lydia these days. She loves to accessorize.

When everyone went home, it was just about bedtime. Morgan remembered from Christmas's past that he gets to open one present on Christmas Eve, and he was very excited about it. What he somehow forgot, though, was that every Christmas Eve, the present that he got to open, was pajamas. 
 He wasn't very happy. Look at the way he's looking at it. We went through the same thing last year. Silly boy. He got another lecture this year, and so when he opened clothes, or his blanket, the next day, he was much better, and just said "thank-you" instead of "I don't want clothes!"
 But he seemed happy to have them. I got their pj's at Other Mothers, and they didn't have much in Morgan's size, so his are a little snug already.
 Lydia isn't one to pose for pictures yet. I just catch her when I can.
Morgan really wanted to leave out some cookies and milk for Santa, as well as some carrots for the reindeer. So we did. It was never a tradition I had, growing up, but if Morgan wants it, then we'll have it.

When my kids were in bed, my mom brought out a present for the three of her children still living at home, (or living at home again.)
See how eager and filled with excitement we are?
We also got pajamas. I was so excited about it too. I have been wanting/needing some. I wasn't expecting it.
Here they are. :)
Then I played Santa, which I find extremely gratifying.
That night I slept fitfully, as is Christmas tradition. I don't get it. I should be over that by now. I didn't even want to wake up early, like I did when I was younger. Oh well.

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