Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Lydie!

 Lydie has been doing this thing lately where she insists I give her a cape. I don't know where she even got the idea, (well, she probably saw Morgan do it sometime) and then saw her blanket and made a connection. She gave me the blanket and whined, and chirped, and insisted. I didn't know what she wanted at first, but eventually I tied it around her, and voila! Happy baby.
Oh, and once Lydia was a superhero, Morgan couldn't pass up the opportunity to play too. A cape was also found for me, so we were a regular superhero family. You can call us the Incredibles, if you want.
She has begged for the cape on a few other occasions as well. If I take it off, say, to change her diaper, she makes it clear that she wants it back right afterward. Oh, my opinionated girl. She doesn't say a lot, but she knows how to communicate!

My camera shutter hasn't been opening all the way all the time, but I had to get this shot of Lydia before she stopped smiling for the camera, so shutter it is.
Then poor Morgan started feeling sick.
Okay, let me tell you about his sick feeling he often gets, unrelated to the reason of the pout in the picture. It is now a daily thing that he complains of chest pain. He says his chest hurts usually when he is eating, but often he doesn't have to eat. He'll cut meals short, due to the pain. I don't know what it is, but it is so frequent now, that I really need to address it. I mentioned it to a nurse on the phone once, but I was also telling her about flu symptoms he had at the time, so it was probably over-looked. I really can't afford a dr. visit right now though. 
Has anyone else experienced chest pain in their children, particularly when they eat or drink something?
 Oh, and Lydia has finally figured out the sippy cup. Bye-bye bottle!


A*Waite said...

Cute pictures!
Maybe Morgan has acid reflux or an ulcer. I am no doctor but I would try giving him some liquid stomach antacid to coat his stomach and maybe it would help.

I had ulcer troubles in high school and the liquid stuff helped me (better than tablets like Tums).

Might want to give it a try???

Amy K said...

This might not be helpful, ...but it might. I get chest pains quite frenquently (in fact I'm getting one right now). If you push on my sternum during that time it feels like I have a bruise there. In my case it's caused from stress/anxiety (or lack of drinking enough water which for some reason stresses my body out ;)). I was told it was a swollen muscle that runs acrossed or along my sternum. Sounds weird, I know but if he starts hurting a lot while he's eating it might be because he's feeling pressure right there on his sternum. While I'm stressed I have very shallow breathing and don't let enough air into my lungs. That stresses my body out more. So to me, when I'm hurting like that I take time to breath deeply and to drink a lot of water. Some take longer than others to subside depending on how long I've let it go without doing something. Couldn't hurt to try it out. Both don't require a trip to the doctor.

Melanie said...

Thanks, ladies, for the tip. I'll try those. I've wondered about acid reflux, (he spit up a ton as a baby) and have tried tums for him, but he says it didn't do anything.
Sometimes, he says it hurts his chest to drink water...