Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And we're back!

Over the next few days I will be posting all about the cruise, complete with pictures. You have been warned.
Now we are home. Back to life, back to reality. That song keeps going through my head.

What I missed when we were gone.
-Morgan. I've never been so long without him. Apparently he did very well, (other than coming down with an eye infection) and wanted to stay and play with his second cousins even longer. I missed him though. When I asked him if he missed me he just said, "Yeah. Two mommies are good." Yeah, he didn't care that I was gone. :) What an adaptable young one we have.

-Internet and phone use. I don't text or call people very much at all, but on the cruise there were many opportunities where I could have texted something cool to someone. Case and point, when I turned my phone on after a week of it being off, I had two voice mails, (one from a church person, one from a real estate agent,) and one text message. The text was from facebook. So..yeah. But I do like to get my regular email, facebook, blog and myfamily.com fixes. But don't worry, I was fine without them.

-Conditioner. I didn't pack any, expecting that it would be provided. Silly, presumptuous, me.

-Dry air. I am not a fan of humidity. Especially without conditioner.

Things I miss about the cruise.

-Food. While I don't think the food was all that exceptional, I did like that it was so readily available and that I never had to cook. I liked it so much that I came home several pounds heavier. I may be pregnant, but pregnant people shouldn't be gaining 3-6 lbs in a week.

-The bed. We have a rather crappy mattress. The bed in our cabin was so much nicer. I slept so well on the cruise. It could have been the comfortable bed, or maybe I was always so worn out by the time I went to sleep, but it just may have been the constant rocking of the ship. Lulled me right to sleep.

-Warm weather. Got to the SL airport in capri's and a t-shirt. The jacket that was packed and never used was deep in a suitcase somewhere. It was kind of freezing.

-Javier. He and his little crew of men cleaned our room twice a day, and even did a turn down service. I love having fresh towels magically appear, the bed magically made, chocolates on my pillow and cute little towel animals awaiting my return. It was so disappointing to walk into the house and find it in exactly the same messy state that I left it.

-Time with my husband. While it would have been fun to cruise with people we know, we didn't. We were the only ones we knew, so, naturally, we spent all our time together. Rather undivided, no? It was nice. Now we are home and have responsibilities again. Aaron is already at work, Morgan of course needs attention, and now there will be internet and tv encroaching in on our time together. *Sigh*

All in all, a great time. I recommend it. But be aware that they never stop charging you. Oh, and everyone expects tips! I think we are kind of alone here in Utah area where we can ride the airport shuttle and not have to fork over five bucks as a tip. You have to tip every tour guide and employee that you see. You have to tip all the shuttle drivers, even though the shuttle is expensive, you have to tip the guy at the airport who weighs your bags for you! We never had enough small bills because we had to keep using them.

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