Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tender Boy

Morgan is a very sweet boy sometimes. He's often very affectionate with me. In fact, if he continues like he is, he will one day make a great romantic, I think.
He likes to give me kisses. (Poor picture quality due to the bright window behind us.)

He often reaches up and touches my face with both hands and stares into my eyes. So precious!

He's pretty in tune to moods too. If he knows I'm sad, he's concerned.

However, he isn't always spot on. The other day I was telling him that he couldn't watch a movie until he cleaned up his toys. He responded with, "You're cranky, Mommy!"

Oh, also, he asked for a glass of water and I got one for him. He received it with, "Thank-you, you're a good helper." He also calls me a good girl sometimes. Oh, I love him!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and precious he is.

Shelly Merryweather said...

Those pictures are adorable, you two make me want children, sigh... I suppose it will happen one day