Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Halloween post

On Friday we finally got a pumpkin for Morgan to paint. He did it all by himself. A nice happy face, then a lot of colorful stuff around the whole head. Morgan likes his pumpkin a lot.

Morgan was excited all day Halloween. Actually, it was the Saturday before Halloween, which is when it was celebrated here. Good. When it was finally time to get his costume on, Morgan was psyched. Unfortunately, it was right after dinner, so Morgan has ketchup all over his face. Did I not see that when I was taking the pictures??

Morgan is Superman, but to make him muscley, we put a different costume on first. I think it's from Fantastic Four.
Then came the Superman outfit.
But I realized that the costume didn't have the red underwear over the top. That's okay, Morgan has a nice pair of red underpants. They did the trick.
Then it was time to change his hair and eyebrows. Oh, and finally clean up the ketchup.

I stayed home with my lovely Lydia.
At 6:30, Trick-or-Treating started. Literally. That was the time outlined by the post. 6:30-8:00
In just an hour and a half, Morgan got a ton of candy. I know, I counted. (I guess it's a tradition that I just can't let go of, even though I'm not the one getting the candy.) He got 179 pieces of candy. We've eaten a lot of those already. :)


A.Lee said...

I can't believe how much candy he got! My kids might have received three pieces of chocolate each--you have generous trunkers!

A.Lee said...

My bad--this was real trick-or-treating... But still, he scored! And aren't you the cleverest mom with the muscle suit underneath!