Friday, October 29, 2010

Morgan is 4!

Monday was Morgan's birthday. I can't believe it has already been 4 years! We did the customary measuring of him, and he grew 3 inches this year. He grew in more ways than height though. He looks different, knows so much more, talks way better, has more of an attitude, etc.

He woke up so excited, telling me it was his birthday, he was the birthday boy, he was four. At around noon when Aaron came home for lunch, we let him open his presents. When I was growing up we always did presents first thing in the morning. I liked this because then we had the whole day to play with our new toys, or whatever. It made the special day even more special. So we let Morgan have his presents earlyish.

He was spoiled this year, just like all the others. From us he got a medium lego set, a kid laptop with educational games, a cheap little microphone thing, and a police car set with semi-truck, helicopter, and boat. It was a big set for only $15, but the quality isn't worth anymore than that. Oh, and the semi has a remote control with the cord. Morgan played with that all day.
He got a couple books from grandparents, and some educational type games from Chanel. He took a turn playing with everything.

A few days earlier, Morgan picked out his cake. I just get the boxed mixes. He picked pink icing and an ocean themed candy piece toppers. I did my best with my nontalent to make a cute cake, but added blue frosting to make it look like water and bubbles, and suddenly it was far too busy.
Then we sang to him. I love this picture.
He got them all with one breath.
He had a good birthday.

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tmataitusi said...

Happy Birthday, Morgan! You are getting so very big! Your mom did an awesome job on the cake! You and Lydia are so lucky to have such a great, loving, fun mom!