Sunday, October 24, 2010

PTA meeting

I don't have any kids in school, and when Morgan is old enough for school, I won't put him in it, because I will opt to homeschool. However, I have been to a PTA meeting.
A couple weeks ago a lady in the ward, who also teaches at the Elementary school here, asked me if I would be willing to go to the school for literacy night to speak to the 4th-6th graders, and then their parents, about writing and stuff. Since I'm an author. :) Of course I accepted.
So, Tuesday night I packed up a bunch of stuff, and left my kids with Aaron, and went to the school. This was the first time I'd ever left Lydia. I fed her right before leaving, and I left some pumped milk, but I guess she still cried for most of the time. :(
At the school I was taken to the library to set up. I had Future Glimpse there, and a bunch of books on writing and getting published. I also displayed three of my many journals. I had my original printed manuscript and an old novella that I wrote as a teenager.
After setting up, I just kinda wandered the library a bit. Then I was invited to the gym where they were going to have a PTA meeting. Oh. I didn't realize I'd gone there so early.
PTA meetings aren't what I expected AT ALL. There was a gavel! Everything was so formal, and basically it was the elected board just telling everyone what was going on. But the everyone was only a handful of families. There wasn't many people there at all. The day coincided with a vigil they were having for a fallen soldier who came from Dugway, so lots of folks may have gone to that instead.
After the meeting I was introduced, along with Linda Garner, who is a children's book author. She spoke with the younger grades of kids.
Back in the library, the kids filed in. There was also another teacher there to crack the whip. I think there were only 8 kids there. But that's okay. I gave my little prepared presentation, telling about the writing process for Future Glimpse, covering the six traits of writing, and had a Q&A session. It went pretty well, I think.
Then there was just a little bit of time for the other author and I to speak with the parents. And then I went home.
Maybe one day I will be well known enough to speak at schools all over the place. :)

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A.Lee said...

That is so cool! Sorry you audience wasn't very big, but I'm sure you'll have plenty more opportunities in the future! (I have never been to a PTA meeting either. I'm rebelling against it.)