Monday, October 11, 2010

Comparison photos

So, I'm learning that Lydia and Morgan have very different looking newborn faces. Here are some comparison shots.
I don't really remember Morgan ever looking like that. He kind of grew out of that look really fast I think.
Lydia is older than Morgan in this set, but still, they don't look much alike.

Here they are, both on the boppy.

And now both wearing the same pajamas. Yes, Lydia wears a lot of Morgan's old pj's. Oh, and look! Lydie is mostly smiling.


Smullin Family said...

They DO have their own looks, but definitely look related to me. I think they look the most alike in the top 2 pictures.

Nancy said...

The middle ones look the most alike to me. It's so funny how they can look similiar but yet so different. Violet wears Jaron's old stuff too... I had to make sure she wasn't wearing the "Daddy's Boy" bibs in pictures. Hahaha.

Martha said...

I love how when you look back at Morgan's baby pictures, you can see that the facial expressions he uses now were very present even in the last photo of him. Kids definitely come with their personalities intact. :)

Stephanie said...

Lydia has a very Martin-esque look about her. And Morgan is 98% Nelson! Good job on making the girl look like ma and the boy look like daddio!

A.Lee said...

So cute! I can see the differences and similarities, and I'm thinking that Lydia is a mini-Melanie.

tmataitusi said...

Some differences, yes, but very much siblings! Adorable!