Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Our ward trunk-or-treat was on Friday. Morgan was so excited. I was too, because it's fun dressing up your kids and showing them off.
Morgan has been making everyone call him Superman for a few weeks now, and so my Mom got him a Superman costume for an early birthday present. I got the hair dye that washes out and sprayed his hair black, then drew some eyebrows on him. It was hard to find his real eyebrows as reference. He barely has any. But holy cow, it made such a difference to his appearance. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was so cute. I even tried to get the little superman curl.

Lydia dressed up too. She kindly slept through the entire ward party so I didn't have to worry about a crying, hungry, baby.

We ate chili, which was bad of me to do, knowing how it might affect the baby. I was up a lot that night with her. They had a little fish pond thing there for prizes, then we did the trunk-or-treat. While I handed out candy, and Lydia slept in her carseat, Morgan went around to all the cars with a 12 year old boy in the ward. This boy, Enoch, is so nice and polite. I like him. He is really sweet with Morgan too. Morgan keeps talking about him, "That cowboy..." is how he references him, as that was the boys costume.
Enoch told me that Morgan would say, "Superman says thank-you!" He's so weird. I love him.
We had fun!


Smullin Family said...

Wow...love those eyebrows and Superman curl! Awesome.

Lydia, you're so cute!

Chanelson said...

Oh my word that boy is adorable! What'd he think of his costume?

Anonymous said...

Wow Morgan does look different with dark hair and eyebrows. Lydia is the cutest.

Love ya lots

Tiffany Hales said...

Both of them look seriously cute in their costumes!

A.Lee said...

I love that he referred to himself in 3rd person. That is so funny, esp considering his age. I love how his hair turned out--such a cute superman!

tmataitusi said...

Superman is adorable. With the eyebrows and hair he looks like Aaron! Both kids look darling! Glad you are enjoying them so much!

Lora Dawn said...

Yes---he looks lke a miniature Aaron!