Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Prints

Before Lydia was born we bought one of those deals to make baby handprints. But we wanted to do one print of Morgan's and one of Lydia's to show the size difference and for general cuteness purposes.
So we did.
Morgan's hand was so big it barely fit his side of the heart.
It was a lot trickier getting Lydia's print. She stuck her thumb under her hand, and after holding it in the plaster for what she deemed too long, she grabbed a handful of cement stuff.

And...she hated it.
Here is the finished product. Hehehe. At least you can still see the size difference. And hey, it has character, right? Right?
Oh, and just for cuteness sake:

And a funny from Morgan.
Morgan was observing me nurse Lydia. He said, "Is Lydia eating you?"
Later it was Morgan's turn to hold her. He touched her cheek, which caused the rooting reflex. You know, mouth open in his direction, trying to find the food. Morgan pulled back in alarm and said, "Ah! She wants to eat me! She was trying to eat me."


Paige Turnbow said...

she is too cute!

Lora Dawn said...

I could just inhale her--she is so sweet!

Morgan's comment reminds me of one from two generations back. I think it was Aunt Loma who tells of a little one observing the same and questioning, "Is he eating your heart out?"

A.Lee said...

That is hilarious! I love the handprints--I wish I had done something like that.