Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Solids

Lydia reached six months old in record time, (figure that one out) and so it was time to introduce rice cereal.
I got Lydia all situated in the highchair with a bib, and got the mixture of breast milk and rice cereal all ready, secured a camera-woman, and we were ready to go!
Lydie was so ready for food. It's like she knew exactly what was coming. I got the spoon filled, she got all wiggly with excitement. Her eyes were trained on the spoon, and her mouth opened immediately. Spoon entered mouth, and she chewed. Yes, chewed. She was so cute to watch the whole time. I couldn't get her the next bite fast enough. She giggled for most of it; sometimes the giggles were mixed with complaints, like, hurry up Mommy, I'm so excited for my next bite.
This first picture is of her half whine, have laugh, face.

So happy to feed herself.

.Then Morgan turned photographer while we cleaned up.

Since then, we have tried rice cereal with just water, with watered down apple juice, some green beans, carrots, and squash. She's not as big a fan of the cereal when it's not momma's milk. She literally gagged on the green beans, gobbled down the carrots, and tolerated the squash.
Did I mention she has two teeth?

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Lora Dawn said...

I like how the Evenflo emblem looks like a Lydia-halo.
Hello, angel baby!