Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pretty pretty princess

Remember the little photo shoot I did with Lydia in the tutu? Well, it was time for another. She is wearing the exact same outfit, (except for the bow/flower in her headband). Fits her better this time.
My dad was also taking pictures of her, but he's a much better photographer, and has a high quality camera, so I look forward to seeing the pictures he took. But for now, enjoy the cuteness of my princess Lydie from the pictures I took with my average camera and with my below average photography skill.

Too bad this one is so blurry. She was moving though, falling, actually.


Tiffany Hales said...

Super, duper CUTE!

Kevin said...

Melanie, these are adorable. Her natural expression is so full of wonder and curiosity. Thanks for sharing her cuteness.

Kevin said...

Melanie, Lydia looks adorable. Her expression is so inquisitive and full of wonder. Love it.

Dustin and Cassie said...

She looks super cute!

Smullin Family said...

Awe, sooo cute!
I'm sure atleast one of these will have to be put in the "Grandma Shrine". It's going to be hard to choose. :)

Lora Dawn said...

Deliciously pink and perfect. Even the bum shot is cute.