Thursday, October 22, 2009

Droopy Drawers

I sure hope this isn't indication of things to come.

It's laundry day, so we were picking from the bottom of the barrel while getting Morgan dressed this morning. This particular pair of pants are strangely sized. They are about the right length, but pretty much are for a much chubbier boy than Morgan. So all day I've been laughing when I see Morgan from behind, since his cute little bum hangs out of his pants.

He was running earlier today and kind of did it with legs wide apart to help his pants stay up. Or he walks around holding up his pants.

Kinda like this.


HappyClimate said...

ha ha, gangsta! That is so funny that you found a picture exactly like that. He is so cute! I love when little kids try to run with their pants falling off, its hilarious!

Nancy said...

At least he knows how to pull them up. For the longest time Jaron would just trip over his pants or they would just fall down to his knees and he would take them off. He knows how to pull them up now and I think it's so funny how he does it. Jealous that Morgan is potty trained. Jaron just has no desire.