Monday, October 26, 2009

Morgan turns three!

Morgan had a great birthday. Aaron and I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks and the days preceding the big day we got Morgan excited for it as well.
Saturday night we put Morgan in bed then blew up a package of balloons and secreted them into his bedroom while he slept. Then I put up streamers and balloons and a bit of candy on his door, an idea I stole from a friends birthday tradition.
Sunday morning I was up getting ready for church and heard Morgan start to chatter in his bed. I woke up Aaron, got the cameras and then stood by the door waiting for Morgan. But he wasn't doing anything except for quietly talking to himself. So I asked him if he was going to come out.
"Yeah!" Then, "Balloons!"
He opened the door carrying a balloon and excitedly found the treats hanging from his door.
We also let him open a present before church. It was a little airplane that I thought would be a good toy to bring to church to play with during sacrament meeting. But then he lost it before church, so we couldn't bring it anyway! He found it almost immediately when we got home from church.
He opened another gift before lunch, which was a new outfit, which we dressed him in so he could get out of his Sunday clothes.

Some of my relatives came over for dinner and presents and such. That was a lot of fun. After Morgan's favorite dinner of spaghetti, it was time for presents. I tell you what, this boy is spoiled! Aaron and I showered our only child with too many toys, but we aren't the only ones to spoil him. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, also gave gifts.

His aunt, Chanel, sent a Lightening McQueen Micky Mouse hat. For some reason Morgan dubbed it a pirate hat, then tried it on and said he was making a pirate face. Hilarious! We laugh every time we see this one.

From his Nelson grandparents he got a fun theme gift. He got the book Diary of a Worm, and with it a vest with pockets filled with treasures. Notebook, pens, pencils, scissors, magnifying glass, flashlight, mirror, etc.

We also got this card for him. Everytime we go shopping for a card for somebody Morgan loves to look at the cards that sing when you open them. So we got him one. He loved it, and thinks it's a book, and throughout the day I keep hearing the song, "Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy..."
After all the gifts were opened all of us adults had fun playing with them along with Morgan.
We got him a really cheap remote control car that hasn't fallen apart yet, but has provided lots of fun.

Morgan 's practicing being a sleuth.
One of the packages for Morgan had bubble wrap. A great present in and of itself!
Then cake and ice cream, baby. We don't do anything fancy with our cakes, but Morgan doesn't care. It took him several blows, but he got all three candles out!

He did NOT want to go to bed, but we read both of his new books before sleep, and he took a car and his airplane to bed with him, and he slept soundly for the first full night of being a three year old.

Happy Birthday, bud, we love you!


keith and arianne said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! I love the little faces he makes, the pirate one is too funny!

Lora Dawn said...

OH man, that pirate face is likely to make it into your grandma's shrine. Funny!