Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting Pumpkins

Last night we painted our pumpkins. We decided to do that this year because when we carve them they get all gross and rotten so fast. Plus, this way Morgan could really participate.
After awhile of painting Morgan decided he was painting a face and would say, "now the forehead..." while painting a white stripe across the top, then "And ears" as he put a red mark on either side of the pumpkin.
Aaron first sketched out an idea on paper, then masterfully put it to pumpkin.

I drew an idea, that evolved drastically, on the pumpkin itself, then went to work painting it.

And here are our finished products! Aaron's is the old man, and mine is the pirate.

We stuck them outside, then just before bed I realized it was raining. We used acrilic paints, which are water soluable. This could be a problem. I pulled them closer to the house so they should remain pretty dry. I just hope they last till Halloween!


A*Waite said...

Oh so very crafty!! Love it!

Lora Dawn said...

delightful family scene---oh, and you guys are cute, too

Kevin Nelson said...

Melanie, Your pirate is adorable. ( Can a man say "adorable"?) Well, I think it's totally righteous, dudette. You've got some great artistic talent. Dad N

Sara said...

Great idea! You are so artistic! Mine would have looked like Morgan's probably.