Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five months

Lydia is five months old.

I know, I know, that was my reaction too. But it's true. She's almost half a year already. STOP IT!

I went back and looked at pictures of Morgan from similar stages. Here he is at 3 1/2 months, already rolling over.
At five months he not only accepted a bottle, but could hold it.

He could also sit on his own.

Lydia still fights tummy time, (my fault, for not doing it enough or early enough.) She's still not awesome at gripping toys, though she likes them. She hasn't rolled over. I wonder if it's because she is held too much? Dunno.

However, Lydia is great at being adorable. She's usually happy, and seems to have her big brothers love of people. Oh, and if you can see her, and she isn't sleeping, than you can hear her. This baby is a talker! Never stops making noise. I love it. Oh, except for at church. And...I'll never be able to take her to the movies. Coincidentally, Morgan went to the movies for the first time when he was five months old. The move was Bridge to Terabithia.
I keep hoping that one of these days, she'll sleep through the night.


Lora Dawn said...

What a charming beauty.
I love hearing how she delights you.

angela said...

Lydia is beautiful. I like the comparison pics. She looks a bit more refined than Morgan

SouthfieldFam said...

She is growing up SO fast! I LOVE her chubby little cheeks! She is one gorgeous girlie!