Sunday, February 27, 2011


Morgan says funny things all the time, and I am not writing enough of them down. The Morgan quote book is packed up somewhere in the storage unit, so I don't have that handy ledger.

A couple weeks ago I woke up early to get ready for church, and because I was awake, I heard Morgan loud and clear when he screamed out in his sleep, "No, Mommy, no! Not meatball Lydia! Not meatball Lydia!" Hilarious.

We do a little game lately where we say how much we love each other. It's fun because I get to hear about geographic locations that I didn't know Morgan knew about, such as New York City, and The Statue of Liberty. Then one day, this conversation happened.
Morgan: Mommy, I love you all the way to Africa!
Me: Whoa! That is far away.
Morgan: Yeah. Is Africa in Idaho, or Dugway, Utah?

The other day Morgan said, "I just heard the Holy Ghost whisper, 'The itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout.' like that!"

Driving home a couple nights ago, Morgan suddenly brought up his Aunt Stephanie.
Morgan: But Stephanie is sad!
Me: How come?
Morgan: Because I'm not at her house.

Morgan insists that he can see in complete darkness due to his "glowy eyes". So, because I'm a killjoy, I took him into the basement bathroom, turned off the lights, and showed him that no, he cannot see in utter darkness. He insisted that he still could. So I held up three fingers and asked him how many I had up. I was almost ready to believe that he had super vision when he started counting. But he went all the way up to five. The little stinker is too smart for his own good! Trying to con me into believing he could see in the dark...

Grandma and Grandpa Martin have a few toy guns. He has dubbed one of them "The Love Gun" because he put a heart sticker on it. I asked him what the love gun does. Let me tell you about it. The love gun shoots flaming hearts that brand your skin with it's loving shape. Youch! But seriously, he said that fire hearts come out and put a stamp on your body. Brutal.

A week or two ago, I wrote down the lyrics to the song that Morgan was making up on the spot, serenading his sister. "I love Lydia so much, and always her heart is beeping. Beeping all day long. I looooove yoooouu."

Today in church Morgan was drawing pictures. He drew members of his family, and for the first time, he drew clothes. Instead of just having limbs protruding from a giant head, Morgan drew a torso with arms coming out. Then he was ready to move on to the lower section. He said, "How do you draw wonderpants?" (He still says wonderpants instead of underpants! Love it.) I told him he could just draw pants, because you can't see the underpants anyway. He was upset about this suggestion and stood up to pull his pants down a little bit so he could show me that you really could see underpants.
Later on he was drawing "the stranger that I'm going to marry." He drew a girl with sparkles in her hair, he said. I guess he already has a vision of what his future wife will look like! Sparkly hair.

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Lora Dawn said...

Great entertainment . . ..just turn off the TV and listen to Morgan! Love that you are writing and sharing.ditske