Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dye the eggs. And the Morgan

Wednesday, we colored Easter eggs. I boiled eight, ate one immediately, since it cracked, then got the dye and the table all ready.
Morgan sat down, put an egg in one of the cups, was excited about it, got another egg to put in the blue dye, and managed to tip the cup over. This happened to be the fullest, of course.
Boy was that a pain to clean up. All over the table, bench, pretend wood floors, and Morgan. So he had to strip to his skivvies. I soaked his clothes in warm water with dish washing detergent, then put them through the wash, and the stain came out. Woohoo!
I also soaked Morgan in a tub with warm water and dish washing detergent. I'm happy to report that his stains came out as well. :)
So Morgan was mostly naked for the rest of the activity.

The dye kit came with Cars stickers.
He spent so much time on the green egg. He put lots of stickers on it, and said it was his favorite egg. He even said he loved it. Then, right when we finished, Morgan knocked his favorite egg off of the table, and onto the bench. CRACK. He tried to grab it, but it rolled onto the floor. CRACK. When we retrieved it, it was being held together by stickers. So much for his favorite egg.

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Amy K said...

Ha I just changed my background to this same one today...great minds think alike.