Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Morgan has been doing swimming lessons every Monday and Wednesday for the past three weeks. He's enjoyed it. I don't think it's as advanced as his lessons last year, but he's having fun and getting used to the water more.
The pool at the Rec Center is shallow enough for the kids to be in without lifejackets, unlike the pool in Dugway. So that makes for a more comfortable learning environment for Morgan.
They play a game where you have to blow bubbles when the teacher catches you in the hula hoop.
When they are done with the shallow end, they form a train and walk over to the deep end (by which I mean 4 ft) and take turns learning different things in the pool with the teacher.
Sorry for the poor picture quality.

When lessons are over, the kids are released to the kiddie pool where they can have free time. This is probably Morgan's favorite part.
And we had a breakthrough! It even happened on the one day I brought the camera. Before that day, Morgan was terrified of putting his head under water. Well, he'd jump in the pool as often as you let him, even though his head would go under, but that was just the cost of having the fun of jumping in. Other than that though, he just wouldn't do it voluntarily.
Until a week ago.
Going under...
Hanging out underneath for awhile...
Then hopping up in delight. He doesn't like plugging his nose though.
Lydia and I hang out while Morgan swims. Good times.

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