Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morgan quotes

It is time for another Morgan Quote post. Most of these quotes have been on facebook. The ones that I didn't put there, I don't remember. Bummer! Except for one.
I had a discussion with Morgan the other night, and we disagreed and did a bit of arguing. Morgan was arguing like a 4 year old, so I said "where is your logic?" He replied, "I'm allergic to it."
The other day I was telling Morgan that we were going to go to a Relief Society thing, and he was going to go to the nursery to be babysat with the other kids. He then asked if Megan was going to be there. I told him I didn't know, and he told me, "I like Megan. She's the prettiest girl in the world." Then I think he felt guilty, so he said that I was the prettiest girl, then Lydie, and then Megan. Haha. He may have his first crush! (Megan is a girl that used to live with our family when she and her siblings first came from Korea. Now she lives with another member of our ward.)
Morgan told me that he wished he could see a dead person. He followed that up with, "I would never kill you."
Well I should hope not! And I also hope he isn't contemplating murder, just so he can see a dead body.
Morgan: I dreamed we were in Heaven.
Me: Really? What was it like?
Morgan: Forever.

Morgan said he knows when he has to go to the bathroom, because it feels like yellow.
We have a ton of house spiders in the basement. Our bedrooms are in the basement. It's gross. I hate them. They are big.
One night I was putting Morgan to bed. He happened to see a spider on the wall by his nightlight. He got close and investigated. Then he got a shoe to squash it. He got all poised to strike, but then he paused.
"Mommy, what kind of spider is this?"
"A wolf spider."
Morgan backed away quickly, screwed up his face in a giant pout, and, now close to tears, said, "But I'm afraid of wolf spiders!"

This is what they look like.

I killed the spider. The next night, I noticed there was another spider in almost the same spot. I used the same shoe to kill that one. The next night, after Morgan was in bed, the light was off, I was out of his room, he called to me and told me that there was another spider by his night light. Yeah right. He insisted. I went in to show him that he was wrong, but there was another spider there. It was even bigger than the last two. He joined their fate.


happyme said...

I lived in the basement and hate, hate, hate those spiders. My sisters and I hated cleaning them up too, we were immature. So we squashed them with a shoe and left the shoe there so we didn't have to see the squished spider. There were shoes everywhere.

Chanelson said...

GAAAH! No good spiders!