Monday, August 15, 2011

Settler Park

We went to Settler Park on Saturday. My mom, Christine, her kids, my kids, and myself. It was my first time there. It was fun for the kids. A nice park.

Morgan fist played on the awesome playground area. I love that the ground isn't bark, or sand, but foamy stuff.

There was a little fountain area with fun stuff.

They had buckets that slowly filled with water, then would dump. Morgan waited for deluge, and I even caught it on camera.

Lydia played in the water too, after awaking from her nap. She loved it. I (or grandma) would hold her hand(s) and she would lead the way.

There were fake rocks to climb. Kain was pretty brave. Morgan was kinda chicken. :)

There was a music section of park. Morgan, Kaien, and Emmy played there.

Mom bought suckers for all the kids. Lydia even. Her first sucker made her so so sticky and blue.

Driving home. Ammon.

Lydia doesn't always know the right way to hold the sucker.


Chrissy said...

Such a cute blue baby! haha :) I can't believe how big Lydia has gotten. Is she walking by herself now? Or just with help for now? When does she turn 1? Anyway- So Cute!!

Chanelson said...

This looks like such a fun park! Where is it?

Melanie said...

Chrissy, Lydia can take a few steps at a time by herself, but she hasn't gotten comfortable with it yet. She turns one Sept. 2. Real soon!

Chanel, it is in Meridian off of Ustick and Meridian Rd.

Smullin Family said...

Settler's Park is right by my house! We go there often. --The City of Meridian puts on FREE movies in the park, every Friday night, during the summer. Jason and the kids take advantage all summer. :)