Friday, August 5, 2011

4th of July

Boy am I behind. I finally have a new computer, so can finally upload more pictures. The last one had everything breaking on it, including the USB ports.

Here are a bunch of photo's from the 4th.
I LOVE Lydie's dress. And her face.

Lydia is on the cusp of learning to walk. She stands a lot, by herself, and is starting to take one step without support. Anyway, these pictures are a month old, so she wasn't as far along in her learning. Wow, kind of an unnecessary tangent, as all I was going to say was that Lydia is learning to play with this toy. She can sit on it and scoot backwards.

Morgan likes to take pictures, so I am actually in some of the photo's these days. Proof that I was a part of my kids' lives!

My Morgan. So grown up.

We did little fireworks that night. Morgan was excited. It was pretty windy though, which caused problems for our neighbors. They had some of the nicer, bigger, illegaler, fireworks. Right after we got outside, we saw a big orange glow over some trees, and lots of smoke. It kept getting bigger. It wasn't long before firetrucks arrived.

Fireworks are such a rip off. They cost so much, last 2 seconds, and don't vary. Here

Morgan dancing to the strobe light firework.

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