Thursday, July 28, 2011

God and Country Rally

I took Morgan and Lydia to the God and Country Rally in Nampa, before Independence Day. I thought it would be fun to see the fireworks with them. I undertook this alone, and, I'm not gonna lie, it was, at times, stressful. There were hoards of people, and Morgan is wandery. So, when we first got there, around 8:30, before finding a place to sit on the grass, I told Morgan he could choose one treat from any of the vendors.
I picked a shaved ice.
Morgan chose bottled water. What a crazy kid. Oh, and I bought the water, the took my money, removed and confiscated the lid, and then handed it over. Wonderful. Now I have to worry about my $3 water spilling everywhere. Lids were not allowed in the event.
So, we sat, did some people watching, and waited for the sun to set. The musicians weren't too bad.
Morgan got a fireman badge sticker from some firemen.
I pulled out some suckers that I brought.

We waited.
Western Idaho has late sunsets. It's not completely dark until after 10:00. But it's dark enough around that time to do fireworks. But they didn't.
The glowsticks appeared though. I bought one for Morgan.

Lydie started to get really fussy.
Morgan had to go potty. I kept telling him to just wait until after, because I didn't want to miss the fireworks. And I didn't want to lose our spot of grass. So he wiggled uncomfortably, thanks to his choice of treat, as we waited and waited.
They started the fireworks at about 11:00. They were alright.

The parking lot, or course, was a mess. And then the detours took me in the opposite direction from home. But we eventually made it home around 12:45.

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